Diabetic Ulcer Management

Fort Walton Beach Podiatrist
Hello, Im Dr. Sean Hodson here from White Sands Podiatry in Destin, Florida, with some information you need to know about foot ulcers. Patients with diabetes are up to 46 times more likely than other patients to experience amputation, and the biggest reason is due to foot ulcers.
Fortunately, the damage from foot ulcers doesn’t have to cause amputation, as early detection and treatment can prevent as many as 85 percent of all amputations.

Ulcers may begin as cuts, scrapes or other wounds, or they can also be sores that form from too much pressure on certain parts of your foot. They are characterized by open wounds that may be pink, red, brown or black in color. 

Under normal circumstances, they may tingle or burn; however, the presence of diabetic neuropathy can deaden the nerves in your feet and prevent you from recognizing that there is a problem.

If you’re diabetic, I’d like to emphasize just how important it is to inspect your feet on a daily basis. Check the top, sides and soles of your feet, as well as between your toes, using a mirror if necessary to see all areas. 

If ulcers are discovered, they should be treated using a combination of therapeutic footwear, dressings, and antibiotic ointment. In some cases, it might be necessary to shave the ulcer as well.
Patients with Diabetes sometimes attempt to treat foot ulcers on their own because they believe they are a small problem that doesn’t require a visit to my office.

The problem is that these ulcers can soon get out of hand and become bigger problems that are more difficult to treat. If you’re in the Okaloosa or Walton County area, I urge you to make an appointment as soon as you discover a foot ulcer so that together, we can work to keep your feet healthy and avoid amputation.

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