Testimonial Jane H.

"Dr Fox & girlfriend recommended your office -- I love you guys!"

- Jane H.
Testimonial Janet W.

"-Impressed -Removal of ganglion cyst -- excellent -Staff friendly, upbeat - Doctor: younger than me - nice - tho @ my age not hard to achieve -Thorough"

- Janet W.
Testimonial Eric I.

"I was very happy; was very quick."

- Eric I.
Testimonial Brett

"He performed surgery to repair a stress fracture. Very thorough, professional, and knowledgeable. I've had no issues or complications since. His staff calls him "Dr. Awesome", and it certainly fits!"

- Brett
Testimonial Patricia B.

"I've always received fantastic care. Had surgery on both feet and have refered Dr. Hodson to others."

- Patricia B.
Testimonial Nan C.

"I love these people. I had prayed to find the perfect foot doctor and lo and behold I find Dr. Hodson on the internet. All his staff is wonderful, thorough, professional and kind. The surgery went perfect and I could not be happier with these God-sent folks!"

- Nan C.
Testimonial RateMDs.com User

"Dr. Hodson is so amazing, he healed a diabetic ulcer wound on the side of my foot beautifully. I can't even see a scar and he fixed it with surgery when I fell and fractured it. He and his staff are super nice and he does have good bedside manner and always makes you feel so welcome and you get his full attention every time. He truly is amazing and really cares about his patients. I would highly recommend him to any one needing a podiatrist."

- RateMDs.com User